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            1. 歡迎登陸晉城市鴻輝管業有限公司

              晉城市鴻輝管業有限公司,位于全國聞名的“鑄造之鄉"晉城市澤州縣南村鎮,占地面積80余畝,項目總投資達4億元,廠址離晉城市 區10公里,緊鄰207國道和晉陽高速公路,地理條件優越,交通運輸便利。




              Jincheng Honghui Cast iron pipe C0.,Ltd.,located in the famous“Hometown of Chinese Foundry。Jincheng Zezhou Southern towns and villages,covering more than 80 acresthe project total investment of 4 billion yuan,site 10 km away from the Jincheng area,close to 207 national highway and c ity highway,the geographical condition is superior,convenient  transporlation

              Strength of our company,the company employs 1000 people,including more than 120 people are senior technical engineerThe company also passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification ,and strict implementation of management standards,to ensure good quail of products

              Our company mainly produces water-cooled metal DN100DN1000 ductile iron pipe and pipe fittings are widely used in wateroil pipelines,as welI as foodpharmaceutical and chemical industry production process pipe network can meet all kinds of business customer needs

              Companies adhering to the。direction of the user needs to customer satisfaction as the goal of。business purposesFoundry industry vigorously the introduction of outstanding management and technical personnelthe use of the regions resOU roe advantages and convenient traffic environmentIn strict accordance with IS0900 1-2008 international quality system certification standardsto create a starting pointhigh-quality,high standards of modern foundry businessTo provide customers with quality products and serviceswe sincerely welcome friends to visit my company cooperation!


              聯系  Contact

              廠區地址: 晉城市澤州縣南村鎮

              座       機: 0356-3801586

              手       機: 153-8366-0666、155-3569-1666

              網       址: www.btt951.com

              工 作 Q Q:83732771@qq.com

              聯  系  人: 邵偉

              留言  Message
              聯系電話:0356-3801586 咨詢熱線:153-8366-0666、155-3569-1666 備案號:晉ICP備10001461號
              版權所有:晉城市鴻輝管業有限公司 公司地址:晉城市澤州縣南村鎮 技術支持:龍采科技(晉城)有限公司--(晉城網站建設、晉城網絡營銷代運營)
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